Azumi Sakata

Azumi Sakata

Actress - N.E.W.

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nicolas cruel - retour a magneta

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Robert Turman - Flux 2

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Dj Rashad - Feelin (feat. Spinn & Taso)

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marty kelly

marty kelly

selected topics for future research someday

-       Dyslexic subtypes

-       Diversity of interventions

-       Applications of Interventions

  • Is there a sequence that maximizes the efficacy of various interventions?

-       How does presentation of material impact improvement in reading with struggling and non-struggling readers?

-       Can we develop a Community of Practice to share, query, review research, and implement interventions?

-       Is there a way to define and measure the impact of the relationship between students and teachers in “success”?

-       What is the impact of technology on remediating the impact of dyslexia?

-       Can we demonstrate a change in the brain function and structure pre and post intervention?

  • If so, what would the demonstrated changes be?

-       What can we learn about responders and non-responders to a meaning based intervention?

-       Is there a correlation across biological processing rhythms, behavioral evidence, and spectrographic analysis?

-       What brain-based research focusing on e-readers would impact teacher perception about e-reader usage?

-       Should we develop a spectrum for Dyslexia (a la Autism)?

The Birthday Party - Death by Drowning

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